Just Deserts – From California to Arizona

As we’ve crossed through the mountains of Sequoia National Forest into the arid, cactus-dotted landscapes of Arizona, our greeting card count in the back of the Tree-Free-mobile grows smaller and smaller… and mailboxes all over the U.S. (and in a few different countries) are filling up with messages of humor, consolation, encouragement, and love! We… Continue reading Just Deserts – From California to Arizona

It Only Takes a Moment

The last few days, as we’ve carved our way through Oregon and into northern California, have been hot. Still, we’ve had a great time at our recent stops — Manzanita Fresh Foods and Ashland Food Co-op — and have been extremely grateful for the air conditioning! One teacher came over to tell us she’s helping her students… Continue reading It Only Takes a Moment

Cross-Country Creativity

From Missoula to Coeur D’Alene to Washington state, the #TreeFreeLove campaign continues! Special thanks to Missoula Fresh Markets, Orange Street Food Farm, Real Food Market in Helena, Main Market Co-op in Spokane, and Pilgrim’s Market in Idaho for hosting us. 🙂 As the Tree-Free-mobile pulls up to store after store, and we chat with shoppers and… Continue reading Cross-Country Creativity

Greetings From Under the Big Sky!

Here we are — a bountiful farmer’s market, some Amish doughnuts (we aren’t sure what the difference is, but they were delicious), and a twilight hike to a Wisconsin overlook all behind us. Who knew rest areas had so much to offer? The campaign continues after a day off spent swooping around Minneapolis, MN on… Continue reading Greetings From Under the Big Sky!

5 Reasons You Should Visit Your Local Co-op

There’s something about a food co-op that’s so much more pleasant than a supermarket. The woody fragrance, the community board tacked with overlapping posters, the shelves stocked with products from a business down the road… It feels more like a cozy pantry than a commercial enterprise. But other than the atmosphere, what is it that… Continue reading 5 Reasons You Should Visit Your Local Co-op