Day 1: Littleton & Concord NH

“This really made my day,” said a visitor to the Tree Free booth as she handed us a letter to place in the mailbox. Day 1 of the Love Wins campaign, with stops at Littleton Food Co-op and Concord Food Co-op, was teeming with community spirit and good vibes! There was an initial air of suspicion as we roped shoppers into our booth, which soon dissolved into delight as they began to understand the campaign’s goal.

Jaxon writes a thoughtful note to his “Momma!”

“I think that everybody loves receiving something written,” said Melissa Minkin. “It’s so personal, and now so rare, and to do it in a beautiful card makes it even more meaningful for the recipient.” Shifra Teitelbaum, a teacher and frequent letter-writer, agreed. “I work with students, and I believe in the specialness of real cards. So this was very serendipitous! This was just wonderful and happened at the right time.”

A full mailbox of handwritten cards – on their way to loved ones across the country!


High-fiving after such a positive first day, we can’t wait to see what’s in store. Many thanks to the humans of Littleton and Concord for helping to kick off our campaign with such sparkle!


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