Love Wins and the adventure begins!

Remember the little thrill of opening the mailbox to see an envelope addressed to you? Slipping out a card, reading a message crafted in familiar handwriting – when it comes to showing someone you care, no email, text message, or phone call really compares to snail mail. Meanwhile, we’re being encouraged from all sides to “go digital” and “go paperless” to save the environment. In today’s world, what’s an old-fashioned communicator to do?!

Enter Tree-Free Greetings, a greeting card company run completely on solar power and with cards made from 100% post-consumer recycled paper. Today, we’re driving through the lush green hills and blue mountain ranges of New Hampshire, on our way to the first battle in the war to reclaim the mailbox from the bank statements and WiFi bills. Let’s bring back social networking… the old-fashioned way!

Over the next eight weeks, we’ll traverse the U.S. to spread good will penned into thousands of handwritten cards. So, keep an eye out for the purple tent with the sunflowers at your local co-op. Stop by and brighten someone’s day!


Ivy & Will


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