On the road again…

Hello, letter-writers near and far!

We’re back on the road after a lovely few days spent recharging our batteries in Long Beach Island, NJ. It was so refreshing to spend time with family, especially after watching hundreds of visitors write messages to their own loved ones at the Tree-Free booth!


Today’s stops were Black Forest Acres in Hamilton Square, PA and Big Bear Natural Foods in Pennington, NJ. Although foot traffic was slow (probably because of the rain drumming on the car roof all day) many customers took a moment to brighten someone’s day!

Daniella writing to her grandmother, JoJo!
She was late for a meeting – but not too late to send a letter!
The hardest part is choosing which color pen to use.

One visitor noted as she left, “It would be nice if everyone did a kindness for somebody today!” We agree 🙂

Our next challenge: finding a place to sleep tonight. As our weekly budget is constantly on our minds and we search with little success for free campsites just out of Philly, nights in Home Depot parking lots seem more and more likely… But we don’t mind! Fortunately, our car came with a built-in bed frame, so a little bit of pavement is no concern! A huge thanks to Melinda Belden (Will’s mom) for finding such a practical travel vehicle.


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