From Pennsylvania With Love


Yesterday was a busy one, with three stops across the state of Pennsylvania! We spent the morning fueling up on some fresh farmer’s market blueberries and enjoying some yard sale finds. You can never have too many books, especially when WiFi is such a rare commodity!


Our first stop was Organnons Natural Market, a colorful and cinnamon-scented store in Bucks County. The market is family owned and well-stocked with all sorts of fair trade and organic goodies!

Hazel and her mom, Jen!
Visitors taking a moment to #dothewritething at the booth.

Next, we stopped at Bunn’s Natural Foods in Southampton and were treated to some delicious cold brew coffee. And finally, it was off to Holly Hill Health Foods in Newtown! The staff were lovely and had plenty of reasons to celebrate…

Robin with her birthday gift – a Tree-Free tumbler!

We spent the evening wandering around Lancaster, PA, enjoying dinner at Lancaster Brewing Co. and getting to know the three cats inhabiting our Airbnb – Lucy, Nemo, and Foxxy. They send their greetings!




One thought on “From Pennsylvania With Love

  1. This is so wonderful to see and hear from you as you continue to promote “the Write Stuff”. Loving you and the memories we share


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