What’s your story?

As an art historian at Mustard Seed Market noted as she slipped a letter into our mailbox, “It’s so important not just to write things down, but to save them.” She spoke of grasping the nuances of her grandfather’s personality by reading the early letters he had written to his wife before he died in the 1920’s. In this story, the importance of preservation is clear, and what better way to preserve feelings than in a letter you can hold? It will grow yellow over time, the handwriting slowly fading into the page, but we promise the sentiment will be locked into the 100% post consumer recycled paper!

From store to store, state to state, we’ve found letter writers eager to share their tales, and we thought we should write some of them down.

One man, Tyrone, had a story for us. “My daughter went away to college in Toledo, leaving Akron with a social degree. I miss her and she misses us – this is her first time away from home. So I saw you guys here and I wrote her a card, and at the end of the card I put a little poem that I wrote.”

When things get rough, as they sometimes will,

rest if you may, before going up that hill.

But by no means stop, because it’s at the top

that you’re going to rock!


One woman came over from across the store when she saw our booth. “My daughter just got married and she’s on her honeymoon,” she told us. “Her wedding colors were lavender and sage!” She saw the Thinking of You card from across the store and thought it was the perfect thing to send to them, waiting in the mailbox when they arrived at their new home.




Another visitor was a breast cancer survivor. She was diagnosed as soon as her daughter first went away to college, 5 hours away. She told us about how she and her daughter got through her disease together, and how she now continues to send cards frequently, just so they can stay in touch.

One man took the card with a tree design and wrote a letter to his mother. After putting it in the mailbox, he told us his mother had a brain tumor and the tree reminded him of her perseverance, growing toward the light through all of her troubles.



We thought one of our visitors, a lady with a thick Russian accent, put it best: “You spread love and love comes back to you!”

Do you have a story worth writing down? Tell us in the comments!


4 thoughts on “What’s your story?

  1. Our minister told a story of a coworker missing months ofwork because of illness. He sent her a postcard every week. When she returned for a visit, she looked for him. They were not well acquainted but she hugged him and told him how much it meant to her to look forward to that little note every week. This is definitely “Doing The Write Thing”.
    Love. Bob and Carol

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  2. During your visit to Leg Up Farmers’ Market, I picked up the same THINKING OF YOU card to send my sister in Phoenix – our mother passed away in May of 2015 – five days after having a stroke – her favorite color was/is PURPLE. In the coming months, my sister will be moving back to this area so I signed the card from my dogs with how much they were looking forward to their Doggie Auntie coming back – even included some of my Siberian’s FUR! Thanks so much for allowing me the perfect platform!


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