Greetings From Under the Big Sky!

Here we are — a bountiful farmer’s market, some Amish doughnuts (we aren’t sure what the difference is, but they were delicious), and a twilight hike to a Wisconsin overlook all behind us. Who knew rest areas had so much to offer?

The campaign continues after a day off spent swooping around Minneapolis, MN on bikes. What an vibrant city teeming with hidden art pieces, amazing food, and sparkling lakes. Huge thanks to Ivy’s highly recommended tour guide (and roommate), Steph, and her welcoming family! ❤

“Bob Dylan? Who’s that?” Will joked, prompting every Minnesotan within earshot to swivel around and gasp.

On our way to Montana, we stopped in to see the Badlands and then drove through Yellowstone National Park. Jagged peaks, plunging waterfalls, and a buffalo lounging in a sun-soaked field – we had to keep pulling over to hop out and look! Of course, the most magnificent places were the ones we stumbled upon after a short hike – leaving the camera in the car.

We camped in some woods just outside of Yellowstone, although we’re realizing we need to learn a bit more about bear safety. As we drove past poster after poster declaring “This is BEAR COUNTRY!” we got progressively more nervous and spent the night listening to the rumbles of a retreating storm, wondering if they were concealing the rumbles of a hungry bear.

That’s all for now!



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