Cross-Country Creativity

From Missoula to Coeur D’Alene to Washington state, the #TreeFreeLove campaign continues! Special thanks to Missoula Fresh Markets, Orange Street Food FarmReal Food Market in Helena, Main Market Co-op in Spokane, and Pilgrim’s Market in Idaho for hosting us. 🙂

As the Tree-Free-mobile pulls up to store after store, and we chat with shoppers and employees, we’re consistently impressed by each visitor’s uniqueness and creativity. Everyone, big or small, has something to share!


We’ve seen creative uses of our cards in ways we’ve never thought about:


IMG_1927.JPG copy

We’ve seen senses of humor spicier than Tabasco sauce:


And we’ve loved reading the answers to our letter-writing polls:



We’ve had to get a little creative ourselves in finding free campsites. Luckily, Will’s on top of it and won’t settle for anything less than breathtaking (even if it means an extra hour of driving and a thoroughly annoyed coworker). We’ve stumbled upon some pretty stunning places! Nature is free, so we’re soaking it in…

This slideshow requires JavaScript.


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