Just Deserts – From California to Arizona

As we’ve crossed through the mountains of Sequoia National Forest into the arid, cactus-dotted landscapes of Arizona, our greeting card count in the back of the Tree-Free-mobile grows smaller and smaller… and mailboxes all over the U.S. (and in a few different countries) are filling up with messages of humor, consolation, encouragement, and love!

Matt wrote a letter of encouragement to his daughter, who is starting school in the fall!

We continue to have visitors big and small, proving that anyone can take the time to brighten someone’s day:

He was thrilled to find that we had a blue pen to get the genius flowing!

We trekked to the glistening new Whole Foods 365 outside of Los Angeles…


…and to the glistening waterfalls of Yosemite National Park.


There have been quite a few lovely sights along the way! We stumbled upon this twisty tree on a hike deep in the Sequoia National Forest. Trees like this deserve to live for years to come!

Send a Tree-Free card; save a tree!

And luckily we were safely buckled into our trusty steed, the Honda Element, when we encountered this desert friend. He was bigger in person, but we certainly didn’t want to get too close:


But it hasn’t been just deserts! We got our just desserts (yes, pancakes and banana bread count) at a delicious breakfast overlooking the Kern River, where we cooled off later in the afternoon.


What’s your favorite way to spend a summer day? Tell us in the comments!


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